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Around the lake tonight

First of all- welcome to the new blog! After all the formatting issues I had with Blogger I’m glad to have made the switch. Hopefully you all enjoy the new layout as much as I do. And, as always, you can find the entire catalog of pictures at

Last weekend we headed up to Lake LBJ for our 2nd annual birthday bash. This year we were lucky enough to be joined by newly engaged Ryan and Leslie all the way from Chicago. Aside from being close friends for over 20 years and running a business together for a while, Ryan and I were also born one week apart. So we celebrated our 30th birthdays in a slightly classier way then we did our 20th, I’m sure… but only slightly. The five couples celebrated with good food, conversation, and lots of swimming. The lake was perfect and this year’s house was a definite upgrade from last year- thanks to Kelly for finding it and coordinating the effort. So on with the pictures- that’s what you’re here for anyway!


Mason was ready for some fishing on day 1. I think he was the best dressed of all of us at the lake.


Leslie took some time to introduce herself and Mason was happy to give her a big hug. This came way too natural for Leslie to wait to have kids… I’m just saying… no pressure though 🙂


First swim on Friday. The place was stocked with enough tubes and flotations devices to to save the whole cast of Lost. And we used them all. The water was absolutely perfect and the crushed stone lake bottom made even the most squeamish swimmers (sorry Amy) alright with dragging their toes.


Clearly we take ourselves very seriously. And apparently Chris likes screaming at infants. You can always count on Chris to make a juvenile joke or inappropriate face in a photo- just ask his Uncle! I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures Bancroft… sorry Meghan.


High five for Uncle Ryan!


Is there anything better than a lakeside nap in a hammock? Nope.


There are so many comments I can think of for this picture. Granted, I took about 10 shots here and there are several other nice ones that I could’ve posted, but how could I resist this one? Rogers, I always knew Titanic was your favorite movie but I didn’t realize how far you’d take it. You’re on top of the world!!


You really are taller than me… huh…


Jeff and Amy snuck in a few smooches before I could get the camera. And no, that isn’t a beer in Amy’s hand.


A view of the house from the fishing pier. The place was great and even the bugs couldn’t keep us from enjoying ourselves.


Sunset on the lake. This just cements the fact that when we retire in about 90 years we’ll be living near the water somewhere. I don’t care if it’s near a small creek or if I have to flood my own back yard to make it happen; we’ve got to have some water nearby.


The catfish were rising and I landed a nice sized one right at dusk on Saturday. I’ve actually never seen catfish jump before but apparently when you’re a fish and there are thousands of bugs sitting above your head you become motivated.


No explanation needed


Jeff and Amy got some practice in with Mason.


I don’t know how this happened or what prompted it but I think it has something to do with that empty bottle of vodka that’s sitting on the counter. At least Chris’s dream of becoming a jockey was finally fulfilled.


Zacksas mixed up some salad with her bear claws while Nally worked up some delicious chicken and Courtney made the spicy rice. We ate better last weekend than we have since my folks were in town. Good work everyone.


If you guys move here we can take lots of pictures like this. Wouldn’t that be fun? Don’t you think? Yeah- that’s what I’m talking about.


Busted! On Saturday night there was a fireworks show across the lake, giving us a perfect view from the upstairs patio, and Kelly and I took the opportunity to get some smoochin in.


The whole crew enjoying the Saturday feast.


Mason wrapped up the weekend with some more cuteness. He gave us a little scare with a blocked tear duct but quickly recovered on Sunday once we gave him some medicine.


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  1. Aunt Janet

    I guess I am wondering if you will be coming in for any of the holidays to Chicago? I love the blog and pxs but would love to see you guys.

    November 18, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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