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Rock On

The last couple weekends were busy ones for us. We dodged the rain and stood for 4 hours in half a foot of mud to see Pearl Jam at ACL. And this past weekend we returned to Zilker Park (the dry part) for Dustin and Ashley’s wedding. This meant two things: First off, we had non-relative babysitters watch Mason for the first time. And secondly, we still have a little left in the tank when it comes to partying.

Fortunately, we had two awesome babysitters, so any worries we may have had were subdued. Cindy was kind enough to watch Mason while we were at ACL and Gary also stopped by to see the little man. I’m pretty sure Gary was focused on the football game while he was holding Mason and I’m pretty sure Mason was thinking “Hey, I wanna watch. Please turn me around so I can see what’s going on.” Or maybe he was just dreaming about football…

mason and gary

The next weekend Amy and Jeff got a little parenting practice while we went to the wedding. Apparently Mason was a little cranky and decided to test just how soundproof their walls were for a good 15 minutes. Sorry guys. I think they learned that looks can be deceiving and even though he’s calm most of the time, he has his moments where he’s just inconsolable. They toughed it out and he was a happy camper when we returned. Then he stayed up till 1am before finally crashing out. So thank you to the babysitters for taking care of our little guy. We really appreciate it and it’s nice to know he was in such good hands.

Mud… six inches of stinky, sloppy mud… it was worth it. This year’s ACL was slowed only slightly by heavy rainstorms, and that combined with a freshly sodded field made for a sloppy mess. Kelly strapped on some sweet rain boots (see below) and I trudged along in my sneakers through it all. Pearl Jam lit it up, and even though we were so far away it felt like we were watching from another state, it was a great show. Kelly and I were both reminded why we love music so much and we were also reminded how hilarious festival goers can be. We saw countless shirtless dudes with Grateful Dead tattoos, hippie chicks who clearly had not showered in days, and enough drunken falls into the mud to keep us laughing for hours. So here’s a quick clip from the show, with a warning that the guy who is singing in the background is not a professional, he just really likes this song.

Dustin and Ashley’s wedding was a blast. They had a beautiful venue in a part of Zilker that Kelly and I didn’t know existed. We ate some delicious grub and argued about what is more tasty- New Zealand or Australian lamb? Then we hit the dance floor and I think I might have slightly impressed Kelly with my new-found frame. See babe, I’m not so bad when I actually try to be not so bad. I learned the perils of the cowboy grip and a different version of the two-step. Then I showed everyone some classics like “the dealer” and “the two handed dealer”. If you’re ever lucky enough to see these dance moves then you know you’re in the presence of greatness. Either that or Rogers or I have had a few beverages and lost all self awareness. Either way, I think it’s pretty great.

So that’s a wrap-up of our last couple of weeks. As for the little man, he’s been learning a few things during this time also. He slept in his own crib for the first time this week and also took some time to chill in the Bumbo seat. He is also increasingly more vocal, which is something that he certainly gets from his mom and not me. That’s about it. Pics below of all the festivities. Enjoy!


Mason’s hair was looking ridiculous on this day. He looked like he was ready to play the part of a young Beatle and clearly he was very happy about it.


Kelly rocked some hot pink and blue rain boots to the Pearl Jam show. You probably can’t see it but there are little hearts and music notes and all kinds of other symbols all over these things… so stylish!


And this is why I bought them for her… The mud had a nice odor to it. It smelled kind of like a cow pasture on a hot summer day- so refreshing. This may explain why my eyes were burning for the next two days. Ahh methane ingestion. Is there anything better?


They had large beers and we were very thirsty.


Amy gave new definition to the phrase “barefoot and pregnant”. I’m pretty sure Jeff threw his shoes in the trash as soon as he got home so maybe Amy was just being cost effective.


If you squint your eyes you can almost see Eddie Vedder. We got a special treat for this song and Ben Harper joined him on stage. It was a straight jam session for about 5 minutes, with Harper wailing on the slide guitar like Chuck Norris on a bad guy’s solo-plexus. We also told Jeff and Amy that they should name their kid Vedder if it’s a boy. That’s pretty much guaranteeing that he’s gonna be a cool kid.


Dustin and Ashley’s wedding was in the west end of Zilker Park and it overlooked the city. We took a pre-nuptials photo opp.


And here’s the view without my fat head in the way.


The newlyweds on their exit. Thanks for all the fun guys!


Kelly got to sneak in a quick picture with the bride.


Then she challenged a 12 year old girl to a hula hoop contest… and lost. But that girl was pretty damn good. I tried my hand at it too but I was absolutely terrible, which made me wonder if declining hula hooping skills are one of the things that happens when you turn 30? I better still be able to dominate at 4-square and the pogo stick! Mason needs to learn from the master!


When we got back from the wedding Mason was still wired so I decided that he needed to get dressed up also. He hasn’t quite mastered the double windsor yet, so the tie was left out.


Mason’s new favorite spot is the Bumbo seat. He’s really not supposed to be in it until he’s 4 months but he’s as big as a 5 month old so we figure it’s okay. I want to paint it gold and give him a little staff so it can be his throne. He looks so regal.


And we wrap up this post with some final cuteness. Yes Kelly, I mean both of you 🙂 We took the dogs to the park and got Mason out of the house. It was actually cool in Austin so Kelly strapped on the fuzzy bear hat, which made him look like a tiny little Russian man wearing a white bubushka.


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  1. Jessie Flagg Obert

    As always Mr Wright, thank you so much for sharing! I love that you take the time to do this! Thanks!

    October 15, 2009 at 6:07 pm

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