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Oceans and Lakes

Two more weeks. Two more busy weeks. I left the family last weekend for a trip to The Ocean State. Chris and Meghan were sealing the deal in Newport, R.I. and I donned a penguin suit and made the trip (not in that order). It was my first time being away from Mason for an extended period of time and I’m pretty sure everyone at the wedding got to see a picture of the little guy. What can I say? I’m a proud papa! Chris’s dad made a speech about how proud he was of his son for the man that he has become and I have to admit I got a little choked up thinking of speaking about Mason in another 20 or 30 years. And if Mason turns out to be as good a guy as Chris, then we’ve done well. Luckily Burke followed it up with some hilarious anecdotes so we got a good laugh in also. Being away for the weekend meant that Kelly was alone for the weekend and she, of course, handled it like a champ. I was bummed not to be able to dance with my wife at a wedding for the first time in 4 years, but I cut it up with Josh instead (no slow dancing). The trip was great and even Jeff thinking he lost his wedding ring and having Josh and I search the room for hours couldn’t spoil the fun. Here’s another life lesson for you, Mason- don’t hide things from yourself when you’re drunk.One other side-note on the weekend… Jeff and I were stuck in the Providence airport for 5 hours waiting for our flight on Sunday. All I wanted to do was watch some football but the only games that were on were the Giants and Patriots, which were both just terrible games. I was wishing I was back home on my couch with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket at my disposal. Little did I realize that I had just that sitting in my pocket. Apparently DirecTV released and app for the iPhone that lets you watch all the games on your phone. Thanks for the update DirecTV! Where were you when I needed you last week?

After a solid week of work I took Friday to do a volunteer day at Zilker Park. It’s pretty cool that our company encourages us to use our 3 paid volunteer days each year and this was a great event. We “removed invasive species” from the west side of the park, which basically means we pulled weeds. By the time I got home I was covered in dirt and my legs looked like I had been mauled by a feral cat thanks to some strategically placed thorns. But it was well worth it and the park is looking better already. After a day of bushwacking we headed over to Marc and Sarah’s house for a fish fry. Mason got to see his buddy Duncan and future girlfriend Anna. Of course, we didn’t take any pictures so there’s no proof. Sorry. On Saturday we took the dogs for a much needed trip to the big park at Brushy Creek and also took Mason to get his first pumpkin. Then we had the neighbor crew over for dinner and played some Taboo. The ladies eeked out a victory when they decided to prematurely end the game, but I’m not saying anything. Nope… nothing at all. Oh yea, Kelly made dinner! I taught her how to make engagement chicken and she made two batches to feed the group. Good work McBain!

And now the pictures. Some of these were taken on my phone since I forgot my camera when I went to Rhode Island. So my apologies for any blurriness. As always, the link on the right for “Our Online Photo Gallery” will take you to the full compliment of photos. Enjoy!


Kelly bought the Nap Nanny while I was out of town and Mason loves it. It’s basically a tempurpedic lounge seat  for a baby and for any parent whose kid is having trouble sleeping I urge you to buy one of these. This is probably the best purchase Kelly or I have made since we’ve known each other. If they made one of these in adult size I would definitely have one. I tried to squeeze into Mason’s but my ass is too big!


Mason loves getting some tummy time and has already mastered the eyebrow raise.


Bella was clearly very excited about this photo opp.


Another one of my favorites. Lots of kisses in this family.


I tried to take a picture of the church and the bride and groom during the rehearsal and this is what I got… a lens full of Burke’s face. Thanks Josh.


A blurry first dance. Nice form guys- you made Kelly proud.


This is what happens when you hide one of the plates on your table as a joke and the server comes back and sees that it’s missing but can’t remember what it was. We told her what happened and after threatening to kill us she brought Brian and I an extra plate with steak and fish. So whoever said being a smart-ass never gets you anywhere is lying. It got me really full and very happy.


I hiked up to this lookout point to help the crew up there cut down some trees. I actually thought I was getting a break from trudging through pricker bushes but I ended up with a dull hand saw and about 18 inches of tree stump to cut through.


Mason was well protected on our trip to the park yesterday.


Sometimes they actually play together. They really are just like real siblings. Tater only wants something once Bella has it and he’s willing to do just about anything to get it.


We got a discount on this baby… he’s just arms and legs but we got a great deal!


Father and son at the pumpkin patch.


I love this picture- the hat is so ridiculous!


Mason is all about standing these days. I think, given his balance and exceptionally large feet, that he has a bright future in professional log rolling if he chooses.


If you’re wondering why Kelly and I are smiling so big it’s because the guy who took this picture for us was wearing a tight pink shirt and a pair of spandex pants. He was not in shape and his pants were almost at chin level, which meant that there was some serious grape smuggling going on. All we could do was laugh and get out of there as quickly as possible.


Bella got a new bed that doesn’t stink. She is happy. We are happy. Our nostrils are very happy.


This one made the cut because it’s Mason’s first picture. Let’s work on that steady hand, buddy.


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