Keeping you posted on our big adventure into parenthood

My Apologies…

I have to start by apologizing for the long break between posts. I can blame this on a lot of things but mostly it’s come down to a choice between trying to rest and trying to write. Until tonight, sleep has won the battle. But I figure I owe it to Mason to document his life at least until he can remember, so here’s a pictorial look over the past month or so… details included 🙂 I can’t post all the amazing pictures (credit to photo-mom Kelly)  so make sure to check out the online gallery.

Actually, I first want to say thank you to all those who made the trek to Ohio and joined us for Mason’s dedication. It meant a lot to all of us to have you there and we’re really excited to be able to share our relatively new addition with all of you. A special thanks to our parents for all the hard work they put into the weekend. Thank you for being amazing as role models, friends, and just good people. You rock! And maybe we’ll have more kids so you can spoil them too… but not soon… definitely not anytime soon.

Now to the pictures…

Bella and Mason were both very excited for the trip to Ohio. Speaking of the trip- I have no photo evidence to support this claim but Mason was an extremely well-behaved baby on all the flights. His only bit of fussiness came when he was hungry and he put the four year old who was screaming the entire flight to shame with his coolness. Good job buddy.

Mason finally got to meet Malloy and Pryce

Jimmy is a natural. I see this being a regular occurrence in the near future…

Great Grandma Mary got her first squeeze with Mason

K & K reunited

Jacquez carved up the turkey on Thanksgiving. This was pretty cool to watch because I remember how excited I was when my dad handed over the carving duties to me as a kid and seeing that look on his face was very cool. I can’t wait to hand over the reigns to Mason.

Jack was the original baby and he’s not quite ready to relinquish his title.

Grandpa Mac holding his two babies

Mason is ready, coach. You better have a scholarship waiting for him!

Grandma Wright and all the cousins. On a sidenote- Zia (far left) and Malloy (next to her) became fast friends and apparently Zia has been asking when she can take Malloy some pizza soon? I’m not really sure what that means but it’s pretty cute.

Grandpa Wright did some digging in the closet and found his old cowboy hat. I’m kinda glad I don’t remember his cowboy phase- tight jeans and a huge belt buckle just doesn’t seem right on my dad. But Mason really liked the hat.

The apple hat was next. He’s ready to drive a cab now.

This probably should have been our Christmas card this year but we were too lazy- oops! Consider the blog an ongoing update on our lives and you can come back and view this wintery picture whenever you like. This was Mason’s first time seeing snow and he was bundled up nicely. I, on the other hand, decided that it wasn’t “that cold” and wore a thin sweater. Then I got sick the next week. This was not very smart.

Now that’s a happy snow baby!

Lisa is due in a couple months so Mason was trying to behave so she doesn’t run away when her daughter is 5 months old 😉

Rich showed off his fathering abilities. I told him it’s just like holding a football and he was a natural. No fumbles in our households! Also, no spiking the baby.

I don’t want to know what Mark was planning with that look on his face. Run Mason!

This does not need any explanation. Clearly the ground is the best place for letting babies crawl all over you.

This is something I thought I’d never see. Considering how much Kathy hates video games and the fact that my grandmother is almost 80 years old, I’d say this is a Thanksgiving miracle. I’m not sure who won (other than Nintendo as a company) but they bowled for a couple hours and beat me with my 20+ years of video gaming experience. I don’t want to hear any grief when I buy Mason a game console, Kathy. I have proof that you like it too!!

Warren, Joanie, and Coco made the trip out from Pittsburgh to meet Mason and say hi. You guys should move back to Austin- so much warmer.

I didn’t forget about you Evan!

Kelly took this cool shot of Malloy petting Jack. Jack loved the fact that so many people were paying attention to him and also dropping so much food on the ground.

He also liked taking a break from everyone for awhile. This is a clear indication that he has gotten older. I used to let him outside and he would run for the nearest squirrel and would end up three  streets away in five minutes. Now he just chills outside. Dear Jack, Please come train Tater on how to be outside without being insane. Thanks, Derrell.

Mason, his parents, and his Godparents after the dedication. Thanks to my dad for performing the ceremony and making it so personal for us all. And thanks to everyone for the blessings and unexpected gifts. Your cards are on the way I promise!

Lila and Anthony came by for the dedication. You two are next!

I think Audrey was trying to steal Mason’s hair. Either that or she had a crush on him and the only way she knew how to show it was to grab him. Either way it was a very comical first meeting for the two.

And one with the whole crew…

Chip stopped by and showed Mason how to throw a nasty slider.

Cousins and friends. I was mauled by kids for three days and it was awesome. I’m giving myself the nickname of The Human Jungle Gym or Wrestle-saurus from now on. But I honeslty don’t know how they have so much energy. I watched four of them run circles around the couch for an hour. They never broke a sweat and they never asked for water. After two laps I was panting and asking for oxygen. I realize this means that I am totally screwed when Mason starts moving around. I guess I better get in shape.

Four generations of Wright men. The lineage continues…

Undeniable cuteness

I think Kelly was enjoying the fact that Pryce is lighter than Mason.

Wrestle-saurus strikes again!

A few years ago those babies would have been beers and the backdrop would have been a basement with a keg or a bar with an 80’s cover band. My how times have changed…

Mason makes Grandpa Mac chuckle


For anyone who doubts my allegiance to the Bears. This hat is clearly from the Zubaz pants era, and the rim has been bent only slightly in the 80’s style of hat wearing. I actually warned Mason recently about the treacherous path of seasonal hope and inevitable disappointment that Bears fans walk, but he told me he’s okay with that because the reward will be that much greater when they win it all. He also said his other choice was to be a Browns fan and that’s not happening for him.

The grandpas love to make him laugh

One for the picture frame

Aunt Danielle with the munchkin

And that wraps up our trip home for Thanksgiving. More pictures and December news to come shortly- I promise.


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