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It’s All About Timing

Timing is a funny thing. Mason arrived in our lives on 7/8/09… very good timing for a dad who is bad with dates. Kelly’s birthday falls close enough to Christmas that she use to get a lot of “combo gifts” as a kid. That’s pretty bad timing for someone who loves to unwrap things. Our wonderful neighbor Berny (Mason’s nanny) found out that she needed eye surgery and would be out of commission for a couple months. Between the initial consult and her 2nd opinion we twisted a few grandparental arms and convinced my folks to come down and stay with us for that time period so that they could spend some time with Mason and he wouldn’t have to go to daycare. Then the 2nd opinion came and Berny find out she didn’t actually need the surgery. But my folks had their bags packed already and we were all excited for their stay, so they shortened their trip and came for a month anyway. So thanks to Berny for timing up her follow up appointment just long enough after the initial checkup for my folks to decide to come down.

We’re very lucky parents. We have great examples to live by and Mason has a family that loves to dote on him and spoil him. Harry, Renee, and Danielle rolled into town with toys in tow on Christmas day. We gobbled up some delicious Rudy’s smoked turkey and spent the night catching up and watching Mason play with his new toys. In the coming weeks we got a lot of responses like “they’re staying with you for a month??!!” when we told people that my folks were with us. I guess for some people this would be an inconvenience, hassle, or just plain unbearable. For us it was the exact opposite. We have my folks to thank for crib training Mason, making the transition to sleeping in his own room that much easier for us and him. They spoiled the dogs with two walks a day and Bella and Tater now look at us with a “you’re such a slacker” face every day. Sweet. It was nice to be able to spend time with the folks and I’m taking this time to publicly thank them yet again for being amazing people and also to ask your help in guilting them into moving to Austin. Hey- I’m not above a public solicitation for a guilt trip! And thank you to all the family and friends who helped spoil Mason and make this Christmas a lot of fun.

Well, since it’s been a long time so I will once again flood the blog with pictures. One note- Mason rang in the new year by learning how to roll over. It was a cool start to 2010, which promises to be a big year of firsts for him. And we were able to catch it on video, which was pretty cool.

Mason is much less excited about this than Tater.

Bella knows how to rock the reindeer antlers.

Tater… not so much.

Still got it. Actually, this is a new skill since we had a dough press at Bud and Walt’s. But damn did I miss that pizza! I forgot just how tasty it is until I made it again.

Bella is the original baby and her thievery of this blanket proves it.

Mason’s first “solid” meal. Clearly the term solid is misleading since this was oatmeal and applesauce, but it’s not liquid so I guess that makes it a solid right? There should be some sort of tweener state for foods, like “mushies” or “soft solids”. It’s confusing for people who like correct terminology. But I digress yet again…

Kelly took this shot and I love it. It’s a little ironic since Tater doesn’t always do things that make us love him but he’s pretty cute so he gets away with it. Kelly mentioned giving the dogs away to someone who has a big farm so they could run around. This was sparked by a doorbell ring which caused them to knock over Mason to get to the door and bark at the delivery guy. 2 minutes later she gave them both pizza crust… they aren’t going anywhere.

The happy Bears fan got to watch them beat up Minnesota.

Mason’s first visit with Santa was a happy one. I’m pleasantly surprised with his lack of apprehension in new situations. Maybe he’s too young to understand that some kids are terrified of old men in big red suits but he seems to handle each new situation with a huge smile.

I don’t what face I’m making but Mason’s butt says “Little Elf”. I’m pretty sure he wore this outfit for the next 3 days.

Mason and Connor finally got to meet.

Babies… they smell good.

What is cuter than this picture. Nothing. That’s what.

Grandpa Wright and Mr. Mason Man.

Mason likes to help Grandma open presents.

Why did we ever buy a Baby Bjorn?

He loves hats!

Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

It was hard to break Auntie Dannie away from her computer so Mason figured he’d just help her out so she could spend some more time with him.

One of Mason’s many Christmas gifts was a

Our first family Christmas.

I don’t know what was so funny. They were probably laughing  at Kelly and I being at work. I can hear the conversation now:

Grandma: I’m retired and I don’t have to do squat!

Mason: Yeah- and I’m a baby so I’m free and clear until I have my license! My parents are such suckers!!

Tater ride!

This is your future, Mason… napping on a couch on a Sunday afternoon. Actually that’s your present situation except you have a crib instead of a couch.

This is the best invention ever. It’s a convertible tricycle that”s fully equipped with a safety rail, fenders, foot pegs, bucket seat, ABS disc brakes, rear spoiler, moon roof/sunshade, and shoulder harness. The only thing that’s missing is a HANS Device.

Kelly got me a ski trip to Jackson Hole for Christmas and Mason decided he wanted to come. Maybe in a couple years buddy.

Play and snuggle time.

This is what a whiteout looks like at 11,000 feet.

On the lift at Jackson Hole Resort with Phil and Robin.

After a 40 minute trip down the mountain I decided to take a nap on a snow bank.

As I was walking around downtown Jackson on Sunday I saw this cod-piece in the window and immediately started laughing. I’m not sure what’s funnier- the fact that this is actually for sale, the fact that it’s placed in the storefront window, the fact that it’s a fuzzy merkin, or the fact that its name is “The Duke”. The answer is all of the above, and that’s how I’m concluding this blog post.



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