Keeping you posted on our big adventure into parenthood


I wrote this post 2 weekends ago and then neglected to add the photos and actually publish it until now. So please pardon the untimely use of the present tense…

In an effort to keep things current I’m making a third post in less than a month. Clearly this is not a normal trend for me, so pardon the lack of exciting news. While we continue to be boring, Mason is inching closer and closer to crawling and is definitely keeping us entertained with his belly laughs. We haven’t done a whole lot since our vacation but there’s been plenty to keep us busy here in Austin including snowstorms, crazy dogs, visitors, body mass indexes, NFL free agency, and Cavs basketball.

Our biggest recent news is that Josh came to town for his “Spring Break 2010”. This is probably a little different from his previous spring breaks, which I’m sure his liver is thankful for. He’s finishing up business school at UVA while his wife, Emily, gets her doctorate at UPenn and his sister, Sonya, gets a law degree at Boston University. I’m going to estimate that the total hours spent in the nerdery (library) over the past 2 years for this family easily approaches Julius Peppers’ annual salary. That analogy really doesn’t make any sense but I had to find some way to mention Peppers’ signing with the Bears. It’s clear that Josh will make a great dad eventually and he handled Mason with the kind of ease you’d expect from a father of 5. Which begs the question… Josh- are you hiding something? It was definitely good to catch up and we’re already looking forward to our trip to Philly this summer to see the rest of the Wright family and the Burke-Baum combo.

In other news, the Bears spent $120 million in one day and the Cavs were without there top 3 players for a stint. Watching the Cavs play without Lebron is a sad look at their possible future. It’s like watching watching The Hangover without Zach Galafianakis, or eating a plain hot dog, or driving without speeding… it’s just not satisfying. If Lebron leaves the Cavs it will be yet another tragic moment in Cleveland sports history, so they better win a championship this year so that we have something to live off for the next 50 years. As for the Bears, I don’t know what took them so long to open up the bill fold and spend some money but I’m glad they finally did and hopefully it’s not too late. Maybe my countless letters to Bears owner Virginia McCaskey promising a night of ecstasy if she pays for some top prospects finally paid off. Kelly is totally on board for this by the way- that’s how much she loves the Bears. Man, that was a serious sports tangent!

Last weekend wrapped up with Mason’s first trip to the Austin Kite Festival. I think the whole event was a little lost on him but he enjoyed being outside for a couple hours at least. Kelly also informed me that she’s never flown a kite before, so next year we will be buying one prior to the event so that she and Mason can fly one together for the first time. Later on Sunday we had a visit from Shana, Connie, Katilyn, and baby Isabellah. It was great to see them and finally meet their new addition. I had forgotten just how small Mason was when we brought him home… and also how easy it was to get him to go to sleep.

Mason update: After recovering from his first cold he has gone on to cut another few teeth. It looks like he’s got four poking through right now on the top, so he will soon look like a rabbit with four big chompers in the middle of his mouth. I think the others are canines or one of those space-filling side teeth that only dentists can identify. Please pray for straight teeth! If he gets my teeth and Kelly’s eyes then he’ll have no glasses or braces… sweet! If it goes the other way he’s gonna look like a tan version of Lucas– RIP Corey Haim. And on that note, here’s some pictures.

The dogs got a shock (as did the rest of us) when it snowed in Austin. We’ve had flakes in the past but this was the first legitimate ground cover I’ve seen in my 5 years here. They were a little confused by the white stuff on their paws and they were both quick to run back inside and curl up on the couch.

We recently upgraded Mason to a big boy car seat and he got an extra benefit from the purchase as well. I think we’re going to stop buying him toys altogether and just ask for boxes. He played inside of this thing for a good half hour and was genuinely upset when I took him out because he was chewing on the edges.

Socks are another favorite “toy”. I guess his feet taste good to him.

Everybody wants a piece of Bella.

Yeah- not yet, kiddo. That’s daddy’s toy, and if mom has her way you’ll never get to use it. Them’s the breaks Mason. I guess you’ll have to actually go outside and play like we did in the 80’s.

Hmmm… I’m pretty sure that devilish look in both of your eyes is how you ended up with that bump, Amy.


Mason was having a fun bath time and prepping for an audition in the next Dr. Seuss movie. He looks like he’s straight out of Whoville.

Okay- before anyone goes and calls CPS on us, the bottle was empty and cleaned out but this picture was just too hilarious not to post. Mason has clearly been watching daddy tilt a few back and the “Joy” shirt is just a fitting coincidence. This would definitely be on the wall of my workspace if it wouldn’t cause me to get fired. And this is why the liquor cabinet will have a lock on it…

After the beverage Mason was a little confused about how to play with his toys 😉

Uncle Josh got to meet Mason for the first time. He was impressed by his quaff and his general awesomeness. Mason was impressed by Josh’s accounting skills and ability to grow facial hair. There is a deep mutual respect in that relationship.

Kim brought over her new puppy, Thorey (sp?). She is a cute little furball and Mason was of course interested in grabbing her. A simple formula for any add execs:

Puppy + Baby = Cute

You could be selling an untamed tiger with machine gun eyeballs (random, I know) and people would buy it if this picture was on the box. And Mason would definitely love to play in that box!

Kelly got some snuggle time with the puppy. She asked if we could get another dog and I calmly reminded her of the two insane pooches that we already have. No more animals any time soon!

Mason learned the double low five with Kim.

Thorey crawled onto the bottom shelf of our coffee table to escape Tater, then decided to chill here for a while so I could take this shot. She looks very regal.

Mom and son at the kite festival.

It’s a new view from up here.

I got to hold baby Isabellah for a bit and was reminded how small Mason was at one point. What happened?!

Tater remembered Shana and decided to get some snuggle time with her before she left.

Mason was very helpful in getting Isabellah ready to go.


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