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Baby Boom

Apparently this past summer was the summer of love, or at least the summer of baby making. March has brought our friends 5 babies and the month isn’t over yet! Throw in a late February birth and that’s 6 kids in less than a month. Maybe the air conditioning was turned down too low in these houses and snuggling was a necessity to stay warm. Maybe they all wanted their kids to play on the same basketball team in a few years. Or maybe this was all just random coincidence, but I like to let my imagination run wild. In any case I want to officially welcome to the world (in order of birth) Kylie, Isabella, Kaleb, Jack and Zettie (Elizabeth), and Sebastian. Actually, I’m not really sure who was born first between the twins, Jack and Zettie, but that’s a question to be answered later.

We’ve only had the chance to meet a couple of these munchkins so far but we’ve seen pictures of all of them and the cuteness is undeniable. And now Mason has more ladies to hit on and buddies to talk sports with. Aside from hospital visits things have been pretty low key for us lately. We are prepping for a busy late spring and summer by hanging at home with Mason these days. This has given us the opportunity to watch him learn to do a lot of things. He officially began moving forward and crawled a week ago for the first time. I was fortunate enough to catch this on video (upload coming soon) and then share it on Skype with my parents a couple days later. He’s now a seasoned crawling pro and has already begun to pull himself up and stand with support. Pulling himself up is the easy part but watching him try to sit back down is pretty comical. He usually looks over his shoulders on each side then begins to whine or cry because he’s realized that he is stuck. I know it’s bad to laugh at your kid when he/she is crying but Kelly and I realized quickly that sometimes it’s a necessary part of parenting. Besides, kids have to learn to laugh at themselves if they’re going to laugh at others right? Right.

We’ve been busy baby-proofing to some extent. For us this means covering the bases like adding electrical socket plugs, hiding cords and electronics, and attempting to keep Mason in padded areas. If home builders were smart they would build and advertise a “safe room” for babies. You could put your kid in the room and they could not possibly hurt themselves. It would be completely padded with enough entertainment to keep them interested for hours. Then parents could go in and play with their kids… maybe take a nap while they crawled around… everybody wins!! Someone will probably steal this genius idea and market it to make millions and, honestly, I’m okay with that as long as I get a free room with any home I build/purchase for the rest of my life. This is how I spend my minutes of free time- daydreaming about baby proofed safe rooms. But by now you should be used to my randomness so I’m not apologizing.

This weekend we took a trip down south to see Isabella again and meet Amy’s mom. The new parents are doing well and reminding us of all the fun discussions we had in those early weeks. We also took a trip to the rodeo with Josh and Jill. Kelly passed this off as “fun for Mason” but clearly this was just an excuse for her to go to the petting zoo and ride the tilt-a-whirl. I’m not complaining. I love small furry animals, and while I can no longer enjoy rides that press my cerebrum against my cranial wall, I can enjoy watching Kelly. Mason actually did seem to like the animals and I think he laughed at me as I was stalked by a llama or alpaca who was a little aggressive when it came to my cup of oats. My only previous rodeo experience was in Jackson Hole, WY when I was about 12 years old and that only left me wondering why the bulls kicked so bad just from someone riding them? When I found out the reason I crossed bull riding off the list of potential careers and started cheering for the bulls to get a little revenge. Luckily, this was a different experience. We saw all the Texas rodeo/fair standards…  prize cows and pigs, fried turkey legs, sugar-covered fried dough, HEMI powered dualies, and enough giant belt buckles to make Rascal Flatts jealous.

To cap off our Saturday, we met up with Josh, Emily and fam that night for dinner. They were all in town for Emily’s dissertation defense and it was also her first chance to meet Mason. He, of course, put on a show and entertained us all throughout dinner. The outdoor dining, live music, and 75 degree weather were a stark reminder of why they moved here in the first place and I think they were both very happy to be back, even if only to visit. We wrapped up our weekend with lunch on Sunday with the Pendergast clan. Ryan and Devon got us caught up on their baby proofing, work schedules, furniture assembly, and baby name dilemmas. This brings up a good point I think I should share… consider it a public service announcement. Remember when you picked out your kid’s name? Yeah, that was fun right? Well, that was your chance and if you want to name another kid then have/adopt one. But telling people who are in the process of picking out the future moiker for their little nugget that you don’t like a name because it reminds you of a bully or some kid that use to eat his boogers in middle school probably isn’t a good idea. Besides, if they give him/her that name that you hate it will just give you a reason to think of it in a good light, instead of Booger Bobby.

Alright- that’s my rant for today. On with the pics…

The proud new parents and their new addition. She’s a cutie!

1st St. Patty’s Day! (just in case you can’t read the shirt)

Mason has decided that he will occasionally do his part and feed himself. Thanks for chipping in buddy!

This alpaca had my number. He was all up in my business like Ben Bernanke! Maybe it was the oats I was carrying or maybe it was my aftershave. Either way he seemed to enjoy me a little more than I enjoyed him.

A much calmer alpaca stopped to say hello to Mason and Kelly.

Goats are cool.

See- even Mason knows goats are cool.

This pig named Oreo made me want a new pet. Then I remembered the two that I have and decided that I like bacon way too much to feel guilty about eating it.

That’s right- they had pig races. Actually, these pictures are out of order because Oreo the piglet was waiting for us inside this tent, along with an oval race track for the little oinkers.

Convio loves rodeos!

Josh and Jill enjoying a slushee aka water ice if you’re from Philly.

Kelly had some fun on this swinging spinning contraption. We watched the ride from the ground while various carnies tried to rope us into losing money on their “games of chance”. Is “carnies” a derogatory term? I hope not. I didn’t call anyone that to their face but now I feel bad that I used it in reference. Can someone let me know so I can stay p.c. and not offend people? Thanks.

McBain on the tilt-a-whirl. Tough to spin with only one person but unless you want to see my lunch twice there’s no chance I’m getting on that thing. I’ll take your highest, fastest, most gut dropping rollercoaster any day though.

Hammertime! I managed to con the con-woman and told her my first missed attempt was a practice swing. Do I feel bad? No! The prize costs a nickel at most and I promised Mason I wouldn’t leave empty handed.

A hands-full Mason enjoyed the blow-up hammer a swindled for him.

Josh and momma Burke at dinner on Saturday.

The proud parents of a soon to be PhD

I’ve discovered that this is Mason’s favorite perch. He especially likes to use my head as a congo drum while he laughs like a college kid at a Dane Cook show. Speaking of which, that guy is just not funny. I’ve given him plenty of chances to make me laugh but all he does is make me angry that he steals jokes and can’t even steal the funny ones. Ohhh Dane Cook… I really don’t like you.

Emily got some squeezes in with Mason. He has become quite the flirt with the older ladies. Guess he’s taking after his dad on that one 😉

Good shot, mama! Although, I’m not sure what’s up with the bare midriffs lately. This isn’t 1999 and you’re not a teenage girl, Mason!

Burke-Baum put the squeeze on munchie and he did not resist. Look into your future, Josh and Emily. You could literally have a kid that looks just like this. Okay, maybe a little less tan but if you stole away with Mason no one would ever question that he’s yours. But I would find you… and it would be ugly… so you should have your own kid and we can stay friends.

One last thing. I have to give shout out to Tracey Jaquish out on the west coast! Thanks for laughing at my cheesy jokes and following the blog. I feel funnier than I really am because of you, so the next time I tell a terrible joke in public I’m blaming it on you 🙂 Hugs and kisses to E and G from your friends in Texas!


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