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Post Dated

Spring has sprung in Austin and we’ve been taking advantage of the perfect weather by increasing our outdoor time. This has not stopped us from enjoying some lazy couch time as well, but a concerted effort has been made to breathe fresh air when possible. So this weekend we ventured out of those a couple times. The first of those was a surprise date night on Friday. I schemed with coworker and and de facto aunt Cindy Allison to surprise Kelly with a night out. We’ve had plenty of group fun and done plenty of partying with Mason (as chronicled on this blog) but had not had a one on one date in over 9 months, so this was long overdue. We went to a nice dinner at Maggiano’s where we ate entirely too much and still had leftovers. I was sexually harassed and Kelly was just “eye harassed” by the hostess who apparently thought that Kelly was “stealing one of her black men” and thought the best way to show her disapproval was to shoot daggers at Kelly and give her best Marilyn Munroe singing to JFK voice to me. Let me just say this and then I’ll leave this topic alone: it’s 2010 and if you’re still getting upset at the idea of an interracial relationship (that produces adorable kids with awesome hair and lots of cross-cultural goodness) then I just feel sorry for you. Also, eat it- we laughed when you left the table because it was just absurd! Okay, back to the date… We finished up dinner with a couple of their homemade profiteroles and I’m already craving another. It’s like a cannoli made love to an ice cream sandwich and the child decided to cover himself in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. That’s a weird analogy but just trust me when I say the dessert was delicious! After dinner we headed over to Cap City Comedy Club to check out headliner Sebastian Maniscalco, amongst others. We laughed for 2 hours straight as all the comedians were solid and I was happy the stage performance was better than what I saw on Youtube. Kelly may have had one too many mimosas at the show and I think her Saturday morning was a little rougher than she expected. We’re not in our 20’s anymore babe 🙂 So thanks again to Cindy for taking such good care of our little man- we owe you!

On Saturday we headed down to Zilker Park for the 3rd annual crawfish boil. This thing gets more and more official every year and this year was the best yet. 100 lbs of fresh caught craw-critters coupled with smoked sausages, corn, potatoes, and delicious mushrooms simmered in creole seasoning while zydeco, brass, and funk music blared in the background. We feasted like champs for the 2nd day in a row. Actually, I feasted like a champ and Kelly and Mason had their own lunches. Mason can’t eat this yumminess yet and Kelly is allergic so I had to eat for three… what a pity for my stomach. Kudos to Chris for putting together another successful venture and it was great to catch up with everyone. 2 years ago at this time there were a few married couples, last year 2 pregnancies and one trying, and this year there were 3 babies and the majority of the crew was married or engaged. Apparently we all read the same book and decided to get on the same life path. In any case, we got to see baby Isabella again and Mason saw his novia chiquita, Mia, also.

Easter Sunday was spent lounging since Mason came down with a bit of a cold again. He spent most of the day sneezing and sniffling while crawling places that he shouldn’t be. I actually removed the knobs from the TV cabinet to deter him from opening the doors. This has worked so far- apparently the shiny metal objects were the only thing attracting him to the cabinet. The contents of the cabinet were just a bonus for him, I guess. This gives more credence to my theory that kids are much like fish or dogs- they are easily distracted/attracted by lures of all sorts. As long as it’s shiny and/or makes a funny sound they will grab it and try to put it in their mouth. Seriously, think about it. Berny gave Mason an Easter basket and he, of course, pulled out all the shiny plastic bedding and tried to eat it (theory proven). For some reason we neglected to get pictures of this and instead chose to laugh.

Mason update: He is crawling with the speed and grace of a special ops soldier and he has begun to pull himself up on anything he can find… coffee tables, stools, chair legs, people legs… you name it and he will scale it. Recently he has been feeling brave and letting go. He typically stands on his own for anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds, which is both impressive and terrifying. I don’t know if I’m more scared that he will fall forward and not catch himself or that he will actually start taking steps and Kelly and I will be chasing him around non-stop forever. But considering his general toughness and resilience I’m leaning towards the latter.

And that’s the news from last week. I don’t know how long I can continue these timely updates but I am going to try as long as we have something to post. I guess this would be “the jump” because pics are next. Enjoy!

We are participatory teachers but I realized that baby knees are much tougher than 30 year old used to play football knees. I’m thinking of investing in some sort of butt scooter like they have at Chuck E Cheese’s. Do they still have those? Something tells me I will be finding out soon enough.

Pure ecstasy as Bella got a surprise back massage from Mason. He found out that the key is sneaking up on her while she is sleeping and then she doesn’t run away.


Here’s what Mason is saying in his head: “Hey dogs. I see you out there. Can you see me in here? Can you? I’m making noise so that you can but you seem to be ignoring me. What’s up with that? Tater, you’re not even looking in the right direction. C’mon… c’moooooonnnnn!!”

Cool daddy Jeff and Isabella.

Meghan had the whole table to herself and she picked out every mushroom and ate them all before anyone else could have any. Not cool, Meghan… not cool at all.

Sorry buddy- you can’t eat this yet but I will make sure you enjoy it when the time comes.

Amy and Bella enjoying the sunshine.

Mason had his first swing ride at Zilker and he loved it. Of course, there’s a lot to love about being pushed on a swing. Soon he will be dodging between kids and doing backflips off this thing like Kelly and I did as kids.

See… he loves it!

This was a true meeting of the minds. Mason was flirting with Mia but I think she played hard to get and gave him the cold shoulder a little. Keep working at it buddy. She’ll come around.

Practicing standing with Melissa.

Can’t tell you how excited I am by this picture. He might as well  be signing his letter of intent to play at Ohio State. That being said, Mason, if you decide you want to be a jazz pianist I will still love and support you… as long as you kick ass at it!

Delicious! I made the mistake of picking a mushroom straight out of the boiling pot and my tongue is still paying for it. Who woulda thought that it would be so hot? Perhaps at 30 years old I should know these things but sometimes hunger wins in the battle between reason and tastebuds.

After a long day of swinging, football, and reaching for various items that he should not have, Mason was ready to crash out just about anywhere.

I lit a sparkler outside on Sunday to see if the box was still good. Mason was thrilled by this and pounded on the glass for 10 minutes while it slowly burned down.

Ready for his Easter Sunday stroll and looking good.

Typically he helps me feed him but today he was feeling lazy. So was I, which is why we did not leave the couch for most of the day.

Kelly took this great shot. Tater is the king of the chaise lounge!


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