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Gettin’ Schooled

Two weeks ago we visited at Hawthorne Montessori School. Last week Mason started attending part time. I guess we move quickly when we like something. We’ve both been impressed with the Montessori principles of child development and after hearing very good things about the school Kelly decided to check it out. Mason went through his introductory week Monday – Thursday, which I think is really just a test to see if the parents can handle a wacky schedule. Each day he stayed a little longer and he was scheduled to stay all day on Friday. But late Thursday morning he wasn’t feeling too well and Kelly got a call that he had a fever and had to go pick him up. A trip to the doctor’s office revealed no major symptoms other than the fever so he was sent home (in school exile) for the next couple of days.

This was our first experience with a fever and I really didn’t realize just how hot a child can get. When I came home Thursday afternoon I picked him up and he felt like he was melting. If I had to guess at that time I would have said his temperature was at least 105 degrees. I could’ve cooked an egg on his forehead. Turns out it was 102.5 degrees at its highest, which is still a dangerous level. I think it was a little scary for both of us since we were told to let the fever run its course. I’m not sure how that’s a good practice. I mean, we have medicine, let’s use it right? I know they say they don’t want to “mask” the fever, but I also don’t want Mason getting a tan from the inside. Of course, we don’t like letting our child suffer, so we called the doctor’s office again and they said to go ahead and give him some Motrin. Not much later his temperature had dropped a few degrees and we got him to sleep. After a long night and a morning at home, he went over to Berny’s house for the afternoon and was feeling better later that evening.

So what did we learn from all of this? Well, we learned that getting sick is pretty normal when your kids first start going to day care or school. So I suspect that this won’t be the last time, unfortunately. We learned that Mason really likes going to Lowe’s. We made our third trip in as many weeks and he spent the entire time gazing around the store and laughing every time an announcement came over the PA system. And lastly, we learned that the Bears got a little lucky in the draft, snagging a safety by the name of Major Wright with their first pick in the third round. Now, I won’t profess to know much about this guy, but I am very impressed by his name. I can only hope that he becomes the next great defensive star for Chicago and I can buy his jersey for Mason one day. I’m actually thinking about “Major” as a new nickname for Mason. Of course, if the draft pick doesn’t work out then you’ll see lots of headlines in the Tribune and Sun-Times reading “Majorly Wrong” or some other non-witty remark. Trust me- I’ve had this last name for 30 years.

We’ve spent the weekend laying low and letting Mason continue to recover. That meant lots of house, clothing, car, and dog cleaning for Kelly and me. So please come visit us, ride in our car, borrow some clothes, and/or smell our dogs, because they’re not likely to be simultaneously clean again any time soon. It’s like the perfect storm hit- we had time, motivation, and nothing else planned. This won’t happen again until we decide to sell this house, and I doubt our schedules will be open then. Today we took mason and the dogs over to the new dog park in our old neighborhood and let them run around. Mason also got to enjoy the swings again and now we are all relaxing and enjoying a half day of lazy Sunday.

Not too many picks this post since we spent most of our time indoors this week- but a few good shots nonetheless.

This isn’t exactly what they mean by “riding bareback” Mason. But I’m sure Bella appreciates the back rub.

Actually, this is more like Bella’s style. It’s rare that she will actually stay laying next to me on the couch for longer than 2 minutes, but she must’ve been feeling needy that night. Either that or she just liked sniffing my butt…

Mason is still getting the hang of some of his toys and he hasn’t quite figured this one out yet. I’m also going to take some time to point out Mason’s outfit in this picture. I am proud to have nothing to do with this one. Nothing at all. So for all you ladies who make fun of every outfit that your husband puts on your child, just remember that you slip up sometimes too, and this is proof!

Nap time for Mason means I get to close my eyes for a minute too. Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long (see below).

I am Mason and I am not happy to be awake!

Calming him down means letting him wail sometimes. And then taking pictures of it. This was a bad hair day for Mason. I think he’s been pulling it at night because he’s teething again. The doc says young kids can’t localize their pain that well but I think he’s going for an Anderson Varejao look.

See- mad hair. You know it’s bad when we’re marveling over it.

This pose is crazy. I imagine he just pulled open a curtain and is now saying “Surprise!!” And the “I Love Big Dumps” shirt is a snowfall reference. Got it for him when I went to Jackson Hole this winter.


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