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Public Celebrations

Another week down. This year is flying by and the big news keeps on coming. This week we entered our first days as a public company at Convio. I can’t say much about it other than it’s pretty exciting to be working for a company that has had this level of continued success. I know Kelly and I are both happy to be at Convio and this was a big day. It was significant for us because Kelly spends much of her time supporting the big shots who spent the last few months prepping for this moment. And while the work is by no means done, I’m hoping for her sake that it at least slows down a little bit so that she can catch her breath.

On Saturday we headed down to Chappell Hill, TX for Nate and Melissa’s wedding. This kicks off a 5 wedding year for us, at the end of which everyone we know will be married… I think. Kelly and I rolled up to the ceremony just in time to here the ladies prepping with a shot of Colorado whiskey. The doors to their dressing area had swung open and a loud “woooooo” came bellowing out. Good work ladies. After a nice ceremony we headed over to the reception. Of course this meant good food and some dancing for Kelly and I. Mason joined in the fun as well and kept his feet kicking for most of the night. Kid has some serious rhythm! We had a great time as usual but got some bad news from our friend Will, who got in an accident on the way to the wedding. Luckily, everyone involved was okay and there were no injuries. But Will spent a good 6 hours shacked up at the McDonald’s in Giddings, TX while we danced and ate cake. Fortunately, we were able to pick him up on the way home and bring him back to Austin. And he has a bike in his garage, so he’s all set!

Mason update: He has begun to take steps. No- he is not walking, but he is actually moving his own feet forward when we hold his hands. I give him another month and he’ll be high-stepping like a Grambling State drum major. So far we’ve received a call from his school every day that he’s been there about a bump on the head. They have to call every time a kid knocks his/her noggin and apparently Mason has a penchant for this sort of thing. I guess I should have expected this. I think I amassed 11 concussions over a 17 year stint, so this might be an unfortunate Wright family tradition that I unknowingly passed down. But I think it’s more likely a case of Mason playing hard because he gets so excited. He seems to be doing well at school, beyond the cranial clangs, and the teachers all say how well he has adjusted already. Other than that we have no news to share so I’ll move on with the pictures.

I don’t know what this is that he’s eating or why he chose to do it in front of the refrigerator, but it kept him happy, amused, and somewhat still so I will try to find out what it was and make copies.

Mason likes to help out with household chores. A couple weeks ago he helped me with the cabinets and now he has decided to help put away the dishes. Unfortunately the silverware rack is the part that’s most easily accessible for him and it’s packed full of things babies should not play with. This makes him mad but it won’t be long before his daily job will be cleaning those dishes. I’m willing to bet he won’t find them so interesting then.

Mr. and Mrs. Carey make their entrance.

Back on his favorite perch. This is actually a good place for him to be while we’re dancing too, but I didn’t realize how much neck strength you need to carry 22lbs around. I was actually a little sore when I woke up on Sunday.

Kelly, looking beautiful as ever and Mason showing off his seersucker pants. They’re cute on a baby, but at some point they become unfashionable and you end up looking like this.

Janice got a lot of squeezing in with Mason and got a good bicep workout in the process. One side benefit of bringing your baby to a wedding is that a lot of people want to hold him. This includes, but is not limited to, friends (like Janice), parents/relatives of the bride and groom, wait staff, and random people who just walk out with their arms stretched like “let me have that baby”. I think there should be some sort of baby-holding screening process- maybe holding a watermelon or pumpkin for 5 minutes just to make sure you don’t have the dropsies. I mean, if I don’t know you that is. Maybe I’ll implement that…

Melissa and the ladies of Convio (current and former).

Uncle Nate and Mason. Careful, Nate- if Melissa sees this post and sees that big smile on your face she’s gonna start wondering when it’s gonna be your baby that you’re holding! Trust me- I speak from experience 🙂

Mason and Ian hung out during dinner and I was very impressed at the level of sharing that went on. The foam “chew toy” was passed back and forth several times and not even a whisper was made. Good job fellas. You two are model baby citizens.

Kelly got Mason a new toy from Target on Sunday. He can push it along and learn to walk with it. This is nice because it is teaching him to walk faster, but also because it’s getting him trained to push a lawnmower. Fisher-Price really is genius.

Mason was very excited for his afternoon bottle. So much so that he actually danced in place for a little while.

Satisfaction. Mom even got a slight break since Mason decided to hold the bottle himself.

Tater. Need I say more?

Mason was giving his Tarzan yell while Kelly was fighting off sleep. The coffee table is his favorite piece of furniture to prop up against since it provides a lot of items to grab and it’s well padded. This means we have a daily routine of moving all objects from one side of the coffee table to the edge nearest the couch so that he can’t reach them. I’m not sure what the plan will be once his arms are longer. It’s questions like this that make me realize that we’re totally screwed…


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