Keeping you posted on our big adventure into parenthood

Mothers First

Happy Mother’s Day!! As a gift to my wife and moms I decided to upgrade the blog with video. Sweet! Now, you will not only get to read my cheesy captions but you can watch videos of our crazy son doing stuff that only people who are related to him will think is funny. Actually, this decision was made in part by the video below. I was trying to think of a good gift from Mason to mom on her first official mother’s day. A while back I had done some video screen captures and voice-over work for my old company. I used a program called Camtasia to edit all the work. And since we’ve taken nearly 4,000 pictures since Mason was born, I figured I had plenty of shots to work with for an elongated montage. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) there were way too many favorites to sort through after 10 months and what I ended up with was 17 minutes and 4 songs were of Mason goodness… and a little bit of us and possibly you. I figure that’s not too bad for 1o months and 4,000 photos, and I promise that any upcoming videos will be much shorter.

Given the length of the video, I’m going to keep the post short. I’ll have a regular update soon and will also load more of our videos in the coming weeks. So happy mother’s day to all the moms, grandmoms and moms-to-be. You helped make us all who we are so thanks for all that you do. You are loved!

PS- the video looks good in HD, so make sure that’s on and expand the window for the full effect. Enjoy!


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