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A Couple of Crazy Kids

We had lots to celebrate over the past couple of weeks- Mother’s Day, our anniversary, birthdays. Good times.

We managed to stay pretty low-key through all of it but we did have a night out with the crew on Saturday. We met up with Josh and Jill to celebrate our anniversaries on Saturday night. Quick side note: JJ (as they will now be referred to in this blog) got married on the same day as us at the location that we had originally wanted. Now we work with Jill and we’re all buddies. Austin is an exceptionally small town. Ok, back to the recap… We went to Frank for some tasty hot dogs because we’re all a bunch of cheapos and we realize that you don’t need fine dining to have a great meal. I couldn’t resist having another “Carolina Pork It”- 100% Vienna beef, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried; Grilled coleslaw, house made green chile pimento cheese- aka the angioplasty special. After a delicious dog and fries it was off to the bar to meet up with the rest of the crew. We hung out for a bit, remembering that Mason does not care how much fun you had or how tired you are, he’s still getting up at 7am.

Sunday was another chill day and Kelly enjoyed the previously posted video, which was officially a gift from Mason. Good work son, and good luck topping that next year. Actually, the video prompted a question from Kelly- “Do you think you could do something like this every year for Mother’s Day?” I think I can, honey… as long as you always get me a surprise ski trip every year with my buddies. Deal?

The weekend rounded up with a special birthday call to Grandpa Wright. We did our normal weekly Skype session while Mason was in the middle of eating dinner. He is now recognizing the faces on the TV and loves listening to his grandparents talk to him. Kathy and Jerry, we’re getting you a web-cam (I will install it when we come to Chicago) so you can join in on the video conferencing action as well. This particular conversation was special because we had a pretty big announcement to make- Kelly is pregnant! I’m sure most of you reading this were aware by now but for those who weren’t- surprise!! I assure you you’re not as surprised as we were and that was quickly converted to excitement at the prospect of a new addition. Granted, this means we will be chasing kids for the foreseeable future, but as much fun as we have with Mason I can only imagine how great it will be to add another munchkin to the mix.

After our first ultrasound (8 weeks) this past Tuesday I told Kelly that we needed to come up with a nickname for the new addition. She said that I’m not allowed to wager the nickname of our child on fantasy football this year, or any other sports-related bet. Rest assured that with the Cavs being knocked out of the playoffs I won’t be doing any betting. My only team playing right now is the Indians and betting on them is about as smart as laying money on Pacman Jones playing in all 16 games this year for the Bengals. Cincinnati fans, I think rain is in the forecast. Anyway, we decided on “Bee” or “BB”, thanks to a picture frame that our friend and co-worker Leslie gave us to say congrats. Baby B, I suppose. So if you read/hear that reference in the future now you know what we’re talking about.

One last bit of news- our house is going up on the market. So if you know anyone looking for a great 2 bed 2.5 bath in 78750 let us know. We’d be happy to sell it to them very quickly! Alright- on with the photos.

BB’s first picture. It’s amazing that a half inch of growth can do that much damage to a body. Every pregnancy is different, from what we hear, and this one is much different from the first so far. I can only hope for Kelly’s sake that the nausea and headaches she is suffering through now will translate into an easier journey at the end of her pregnancy. Fingers crossed!

With Kelly needing some extra rest Mason has been spending a lot of time with me after work. It’s good male bonding and nothing gets us closer than strapping him to my chest in this sling contraption. He seems to like it for some reason and typically spends the entire time he’s in there chewing on the straps and drooling on my chest. Whatever keeps him happy.

Me and my three kids. It’s hard to scoop poop with a baby strapped to your chest, which brings up an interesting point. I recently read (after hearing from a friend) that there is a tribe in Africa where the women work crops with their infants/toddlers strapped to them in a sling of some sort. The kids spend much of their time looking upside down as a result of the mothers bending over to harvest. Years later the children are able to read upside down just as well as right side up. While there really isn’t any practical use for this, I bet it will make for some pretty cool party tricks.

Yeah, I’ll take a Mason on wheat please.

He really did like it. I’m not sure why but apparently being eaten by pillows is fun for babies. This is what happens when you run out of toys that your kid finds amusing and he wants to be entertained… baby sandwiches.

The dogs got some peanut butter as a treat. Tater couldn’t quite figure out how to get it off of his nose so he gave up and laid down. Sorry buddy, you gotta work for it!

Bella figured it out much quicker.

I installed a car seat into my car while Kelly was taking a nap the other day. Mason decided he wanted to supervise, so I made sure he was strapped in securely. I figured if he’s gonna be in the front seat he better learn to always buckle up. I feel like this is something only a father would think of, much like sitting him in the Bumbo seat on the counter while I washed dishes. Kelly’s immediate response when I showed her the picture was “nice parenting”. I think so. I mean, he was clearly having a great time, I was able to get some much needed work done, and Kelly got to rest. That’s a triple win if you ask me.

I decided to start uploading an old video with each post as opposed to flooding one post with all of them (or creating one long 17 minute montage again). So here’s an old favorite to start things off. The duck’s name is Quackers and I don’t know where I came up with the voice but Mason clearly thought it was funny. We should all be so easily entertained.


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