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No Apologies

It’s been a long time. Maybe too long. But I’m not apologizing. Instead, I’m going to tell you all the crazy life reasons why I haven’t had the time or energy to update the blog recently.  Here’s a top ten list of reasons:

1- Kelly gets violently sick and goes to the hospital pt.1

2- Mason begins walking a.k.a. I begin chasing the little monster around everywhere

3- We decide to sell/rent our house and rent another house with more space for us and the dogs

4- Kelly goes back into the hospital with round two of extreme pregnancy nausea (which had already gone on for 2 months at that point). Side note on this one: No one deserves to feel like this. I actually started feeling guilty about eating at all because she wasn’t able to. It really sucks to watch someone go through this but I also feel like if they showed a video of Kelly’s life for the first trimester to teenagers, then teen pregnancy would take a severe dip and all those girls who think it’s so easy because of what they see on TV would get a reality check.

5- My parents come down to help out (hooorrraaaayyyy!!!)

6- Bachelor party weekend for Ryan = bachelor party hangover for the next week

7- My iPhone was deleted with all my Mason pics and videos… and 4500 songs… sending me into a mild depression

8- Trip to Chicago for Ryan’s wedding and Mason’s birthday party with family = Awesome! Delayed flight home means we get to Austin just in time to sit on the tarmac in a thunderstorm for over an hour with a screaming and hungry 1 year old = Not Awesome!

9- Some guy left Cleveland for some place in Florida to be with some other guys who are tall and make more money than anyone who does what they do should make. If I get any more descriptive about “The Decision” then I’ll probably throw my computer monitor out of my window. I only have one thing to say about it: What kind of guy needs an hour special to do what takes 10 seconds and could have been done over Twitter (and I don’t even use Twitter)? Especially when it’s crushing the hearts of a city that is desperate for something good to happen to it? I guess that was two things…

10- Move date was July 2nd and new tenant moved into our old house on the 9th = pack, unpack, clean repeat

So, again, no apologies, but you deserve an explanation at least. I can only hope that Mason is as understanding.

Speaking of Mason… Mason Update: currently walking and running like a champ. One of his favorite new activities is to run back and forth between Kelly and me while we sit on the floor. He runs into our chests and then we roll back and squeeze him. Good times. He’s also now saying Daddy, Dad, Momma, and such. Sometimes he’s even saying it to us. I won’t say which one he said first but I will say I feel a little guilty since Kelly carried him for 9 months. He loves his dogs and also loves to feed them his dinner now that he’s eating real people food and not “mushies”. He is doing very well at school and is known as a very sweet and affectionate little guy. Clearly he gets this from his momma but I think all the man hugs he gets from dad reinforce that it’s okay to show your emotions as a man. I’m trying for your sake buddy. His eagerness to hug also leads to him being the victim of biters. Kelly recently mentioned that she wanted to beat the kid up who bit Mason on his nose. I thought this might be a little over the top since he/she is less than 18 months old, so we’ve agreed that she’ll wait until the kid is at least 2. This brings up the age-old question of “How many 2 year olds do you think you could take out before they overwhelm you?” I’ve watched a lot of Chuck Norris movies so I’m gonna say 117, but that’s only because a few of them will probably look like Mason and I won’t want to hurt them. Anyway, that’s the Mason update for now. Our little duder is over a year old now and I personally can’t believe it. It’s even more shocking that we’ll have another one here in less than 6 months!!

Keeping with the top-10 theme I also decided to drop in 10 of my favorite pictures from the past couple of months. I know it’s not fair to only include 10 but you can find the rest in the online gallery (check out the link in the right column) and you don’t have to read through remarks that only I find amusing.

Mason loves to crawl through the tunnels at school so Kelly got him one for home also. In answer to the question I know you’re thinking, yes, I have tried to make it through and no, I didn’t fit. Kelly did though, bump and all.

First pic of Baby B aka The Deuce. Might have to rethink that nickname…

Someone didn’t get the memo about not texting while driving.

Mason helped me pack a lot over those few weeks but sometimes his helping wasn’t that helpful. I found that this was a good way to keep him entertained and let him have some fun. He actually laid down in the box at one point like he was going to take a nap. That lasted about 2 seconds.

Great shot by Mrs. Wright. I forgot how much fun we have at weddings. I also forgot how nervous I get when speaking publicly.

Mason and the ladies. I think the curls will guarantee that this won’t be the last time he’s in a picture surrounded by pretty ladies. In the future they probably won’t be related to you though, Mason.

Birthday cupcake equals birthday hot mess.

This kid has a things for boxes and extreme cuteness.

Sometimes the only way to keep him under control is to put him in a cage. I’m kidding- this was purely voluntary on Mason’s part. He loves to crawl in there and he doesn’t care if Tater is there or not.

Enjoying the steps at the new house. He loves to climb up but heading down is a different challenge.


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  1. Kate

    That’s an insane couple of months!! You’ll look back on this some day and laaaaaaugh. No, really.

    July 21, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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