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Stepping Out (the forgotten blog post)

So apparently I wrote a post a while ago and never actually added any pics because I kept forgetting to upload them to Picasa, and then I forgot about the whole post. So I’m adding this one retroactively. It’s about 2 months old but I feel like Mason should know that I didn’t just stop caring about his progress- we just got really, really busy. So here’s the forgotten post:

In my last post I mentioned that the new addition would have a nickname of BB or Baby B. This got me thinking about all the nicknames we currently have for Mason and I quickly realized that he has at least one nickname for every month he’s been on this earth… probably more. Most of these are variations of a root nickname. For instance- Munchie Butt gave birth to Munch, Mr. Munchie Pants, and Munchie. This is a favorite of ours and is so frequently used that our Austin friends often ask “how is Munchie doing?” Then there is Duder, which I suppose came to me subconsciously as an after effect of watching The Big Lebowski way too many times in college. His in utero nickname was Chewie thanks to a bet I lost, but fortunately that one didn’t stick. Dirty Butt Boy is another favorite and its origin is self-explanatory. Lately Mason has earned the title of Napa Valley due to the deadly combination of teething and separation anxiety which causes him to whine constantly. I know as parents we’re supposed to be patient and comforting and all that. But I have to be honest- when your child whines for 12 hours straight it wears on you. Fortunately we’ve found a simple solution which is basically distraction. Getting Mason out of the house decreases whining by at least 64% on a weekday and an amazing 82% on weekends. It’s true- I saw the stats on Wikipedia, so you know they’re accurate! Seriously though, getting him out of the house does wonders for him and keeps us from feeling like terrible parents, so more short trips are in the future for Duder.

So in answer to the question of “how is Munchie doing?” – he’s doing great! He just took his first steps this past weekend and has since been progressively getting more daring with his walking. We were fortunate enough to be able to show my folks via Skype and they saw him stumble forward trying to chase after Bella. Mason also took his first dip in the pool recently. After his first beach experience we were concerned that he wouldn’t like the water. And considering that we both enjoy swimming and water activities so much we wondered if maybe he was some sort of alien baby that was transplanted into Kelly. Clearly no child of ours would dislike the water and fortunately Mason surprised us and spent a good 15 minutes splashing around on the steps of the pool . He even kicked his legs like a Michael Phelps understudy (let’s hope he lays off the bong), so I’m thinking the 2020 Olympics will be a perfect place to display his talent.

No other big news aside from the big little steps.

I just decided to add this video since all the pics are already on the Picasa site. It’s an old one of Duder trying to talk a little. Enjoy!


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