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Summer Lovin’

Pregnant women have it rough. This is well established. At some point, Kelly will be too big to do much else (comfortably) besides lounge and watch movies. Sounds great except the whole sciatic pain, heartburn, random ligament stretching, headache, nausea, and fill-in-the-blank feelings that accompany that lounging state. Not to mention we have a 15 month old crazy-man running around the house who needs a lot of attention. God bless you women for doing this and keeping the population growing. I’m sure several people wish we would all slow down but let’s all at least thank our moms, wives, and daughters for what they have to go through just to get us here. And that’s just the first 9 months. The rest isn’t exactly a cakewalk.  Side note: can anyone tell me where that phrase came from? Cakewalk? It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you’re happier if you’re walking to get cake? Whatever…

Far too much has happened in the past few months for me to successfully recap our lives so I’m just going to throw out some words and let you use your imagination. Consider this a virtual brainstorm/word association. Wedding, Chicago, friends, family, walking, talking, running, falling, Neosporin, pumpkins, puppies, prescriptions, wedding again, laundry, teething, (not) sleeping, photo booth, bachelor party, golf, speech, 90 degrees, baby strength, visitors, The Decision, mild depression, loaner car, swim lessons, zombies, birthday, and holy crap we’re going to have another one in 2 months! Some combination of those words will pretty much get you up to speed on our lives. The rest you’ll have to get from the pictures, videos, Skype, text message, or a phone call.

Mason update: Our little duder is a walking, talking, fun-loving fool. He’s an excellent baby, if I do say so myself, on most days, only giving in recently to the emotional swings that accompany teething pain. Seriously- it’s a good thing we don’t remember cutting teeth. Can you imagine having to feel hard enamel slowly piercing  your gums? No thanks! We’ve been told that Mason is the class clown at his school. He spends lunch time shaking his luscious locks and making the other kids laugh, which means he rarely finishes his own food. He is also showing himself to be a very kind child who loves to give hugs. In an attempt to break the “affection-less father” mold that is prevalent these days, I’ve probably gone overboard with hugs and kisses, but I’m getting them in now because I know the day is coming where I’m the spurned father whose kid is too cool for a hug. Mason had a brief stint where he was constantly hitting his classmates on the head with whatever he could find… brooms, toys, Tupperware containers… you name it. But that passed with some stern and constant monitoring at home. Gentle touches, buddy. He seems to be learning about a word a week right now, with “bubbles” being his latest addition, and he has also learned how to throw things recently. This includes his food, books, sippy cups, and whatever else he can comfortably hoist over his lock-laden head. Hopefully he’ll turn his golden arm into a Cy Young award for the Indians and then they’ll trade him to a big market where he’ll win a world series title for another team. Cause that’s what they do.

Alright, enough rambling. Here’s some pictures and videos and, as always, you can use the link on the right to see all the new pics uploaded to our Picasa page.

This is actually a few months old but finally uploaded to YouTube. Kelly was thoughtful enough to surprise me with the news of the sex of our second child by using Mason as a prop. Good work, Momma. This is actually one of the cooler things I’ve seen caught on film and something I can always remember thanks to my awesome wife. If you can’t read the shirt it says “I love my little brother”. I guess she bought one for a girl, just in case.

This is what happens when you leave the fridge door open. This is also proof of how strong Mason is. He opened the bottle of bbq sauce on his own and then made some Jackson Pollock style artwork on the floor and cabinets. Nice!

Taking a ride in the diaper box. I might put some wheels on this thing and save a ton of money on buying a Radio Flyer wagon. Apologies to Eric Selner for not supporting your employer.

Cousins! These McBreen girls make some cute kids.

I love this picture. It reminds me of one of me and my dad circa 1982. That sounds like so long ago and I really don’t feel that old…

Aunt Stacy and Mr. Mason Man

Caught in the act! Further proof that he’ll get into just about anything that he’s not supposed to.

It used to be pretty easy to get him to look at the camera. Not so much anymore. And if you get the irony of the t-shirt in this picture then a high-five to you. “8 year olds, Dude.”

Super cool!

I’m definitely going to catch flack for posting this one but this is what you get for being such good sisters. Here’s how the conversation went… KW: Do I have something in my teeth? SZ: Oh yeah- let me use my fingernail to dig it out for you. I’m really excited about this! KW: Me too!

I think this is one of those things that you only do if you have kids. You just lose all inhibition when it comes to things that may be gross. I actually did a finger sweep of Mason’s diaper the other day to see if he had pooped. Then I thought “what the hell would I have done if he had?!” Luckily I didn’t have to find out.

This is more like it. Thanks for keeping them classy, Hayley!

Ice cold! I love hanging with Peter- we pretty much watched football and killed zombies all weekend while sipping on vodka/gin and tonics. Jamaica is going to be a good time, Peter.

Group shot.

Mason loves shoes and I actually think he gets it from me. My guilty pleasure is buying sneakers. My new Nikes were perfect for this hilarious picture and Mason actually put them on himself.

I have to apologize to all our Jewish friends out there. I’m really not sure where he picked this up but it’s actually just his version of pointing. He just hasn’t got the whole “use the finger and not the whole hand” thing down, so it looks like a Nazi salute. I promise we’re not teaching him this! Actually, I’ve found myself pushing his arm down at times when we’re in public just so people don’t get offended. Then I remember that he’s not even 18 months old and has no clue what he’s doing. But I’ll apologize anyway.

Mason loves the slide. He’s actually going down on his own now and several of the parents at the park seem to be shocked that he isn’t scared. If anything he’s a little too daring. He tried to go head first the other day and also has tried to walk down a couple times. He’s definitely all boy.

Mason loves is bike, although he’s gotten far too big for it and we’re currently looking for a larger scooter for him. I think if he could be outside on his bike all the time he would never stop smiling. Sorry little man, you’ve got to eat and sleep some time.

We took a trip out to the pumpkin farm in Elgin last weekend and mason got to sit on a tractor.

Bump. Pumpkin. Mason. Kelly finally admitted that the bump is cute. I love it and so does everyone else I talk to.

Boo! That’s an Ohio State shirt I’m wearing in the picture and you know what? I’m not wearing it ever again on a big game day. It’s cursed!

Mason got to pet a donkey for the first time. He was so excited and it’s fun to see him so interested in animals. He has no fear so far, which I’m sure has a lot to do with having two dogs at home. I guess that means I owe Bella and Tater a thank you

One last family shot before we left the farm. I have to say that I could definitely live on a farm. The thought of all that open space is very appealing. If only it was in the middle of a city it would be perfect. I can’t live that far away from a movie theater and grocery store.

And here’s a final video of Mason. He spent a good 5 minutes chasing his “tail” before I got the camera out but this is what we do to keep ourselves entertained. Don’t judge!


2 responses

  1. Kate

    You are such a good writer! I love it… too funny and what a great time of your lives.

    October 22, 2010 at 11:43 am

    • Thanks Kate! Glad you liked the post. I’m sure looking back this will be one of those “can’t believe we made it” times in our lives. The chaos is exciting at least 🙂

      October 22, 2010 at 12:46 pm

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