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Flying Solo

I recently told a friend that, if it weren’t for naivete and guilt, the human race would’ve died out a few thousand years ago. This is to say that no one is ever “ready” to have a child. You can prepare as best as possible- buy all the clothes and toys, paint the room, put together the crib, “baby proof” and a million other things- but you’re never truly ready. You’re just naive enough to believe that you’re ready. So you have a baby. And it’s awesome! It’s tiring and rewarding and frustrating and amazing. And you adjust as much as you can and make changes to make things work for your family. Eventually, you start feeling guilty (for various reasons) that your little wonder is alone and you want to have another child. You know… a buddy for your first. And the cycle continues.

That’s probably the most jaded perspective on parenting and child birth that you’ll hear, but it’s at least a little true. Fortunately, the positives far outweigh the negatives and all the diapers changed, “no, no”s issued and messes made pale in comparison to hugging your kid when he wakes up. Man, that hug could cure cancer, I’m pretty sure. So what am I rambling about? I’m not sure. Sometimes thoughts just jump out of my head and I have to jot them down before I lose my mind. Sorry you have to endure my ramblings… I think it’s really just perspective creeping in again.

So this post is really a farewell. The blog isn’t going anywhere but this is the last edition for Mason as an only child. Funny that he’ll likely never remember the time of his life when he didn’t have a brother and I’m sure many of you are wondering why I’d write a post a week after we welcomed our new addition and not tell the story of his arrival. It’s coming soon, I promise. But I think that Mason deserves a special tribute at this time and he should know how awesome he’s made our lives over the last 17 months. It’s all worth it little buddy.

Mason Update: He’s adding more words to his repertoire including football, deer, no (crap), ball (which is anything that is even remotely round), hi, bye, and doggy. He’s got a crazy and fun personality and like any toddler is prone to spontaneous and unexplained changes in mood and behavior, which makes me think that sometimes I’m a toddler. He loves to be outside whenever possible and trips to the park to ride the slide are his favorite. He is a strong napper. If I tell you how long he usually sleeps I’ll certainly jinx it so I’m just gonna say it’s nice to take a little break on the weekend afternoons. Keep it up duder! He’ll be moving up to the next class at school pretty soon and I’m constantly amazed at his self-sufficiency and willingness to help. He now puts his own plate in the sink, washes his own hands, cleans up toys, puts on his shoes (and takes them off at the most inopportune times) and loves to bathe himself with the wash rag. I’m not listing all this to brag, but I’m seriously amazed that a 17 month old is even capable of doing these things. I guess I just never realized the potential of a child if the expectation is placed on them to be more self-sufficient. Thank you Montessori! And now… pictures.

Grandpa and Grandma Mac stopped through Austin on the way to Arizona for Thanksgiving. We wish we could have joined the party in Arizona but I think with pee breaks it would have taken at least 9 days to get there. Mason loooooves his grandparents and had a blast with them on their short trip.

I know he’s crying but how ridiculous is this picture? I’m not sure how this happened but I think he was trying to sit down on the box and he fell into it. Clearly he was not very happy about the results.

Luckily for Mason I was willing to save him and his butt from certain doom.

Mason’s new favorite game is pushing and pulling you back and forward on the couch. Hey- whatever keep you happy buddy.

As a birthday tradition for Kelly, we decorated the tree and Mason got to help this year. He did a good job decorating himself. The tree… not so much.

Okay- with help he did a pretty good job.

Do I really need to explain this?

Tater reluctantly got into the action.

Putting the finishing touches on the tree.

At the end of the month the stache had to go. Actually, it made it into December as you’ll see in the next post, but thanks to the help of many of you I raised over $1000 for men’s cancer research. Thank you all again! Many of you know that I did this in honor of my grandfather, who was diagnosed and successfully recovered from prostate cancer. I called him recently to tell him about my fundraising efforts and why I did it and he was very proud. He told me that it had been just over 16 years since he was diagnosed and given 4-5 years to live. 35 rounds of radiation treatment later he was well on his way to a full recovery and has been living his life cancer free since. So men- get information, get tested, and help end prostate cancer!


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  1. Peter

    Love the pic of you and Mason with the string lights. That one is a classic. And the boxed booty…

    December 14, 2010 at 4:07 pm

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