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And the Nominees Are…

It’s award season and somehow we’ve been looked over again. Our cinematography was flawless on the short film “Mason Rolls Over”. The acting was superb in the indie hit “Mason Talks to Quackers”. And what can’t be said about the infamous paper towel roll in the pants video? Nothing, that’s what! If Sandra Bullock can win a Razzie and an Oscar in the same year, then we deserve something. Anyway, in my angst from another year of snubs I dug through the digital crates and realized that we’ve taken several videos recently and I’ve barely posted any of them. Bad Derrell. So I’m posting a whole bunch of shorts from the past few months. There are more videos on our YouTube page but this should keep you entertained for a few minutes. Besides, we’ve had a pretty chill week since the folks left so there isn’t much to update.

Mason update: As I type this it’s after midnight and he’s in the other room coughing and suffering through a low grade fever. It’s hard to sleep when you know your child is not feeling well, not to mention I keep waiting to hear him get sick again. I think the over-under on the number of times per day that we take his temperature when he’s sick has to be 11.5. We’re over on the day, I’m sure. In good news, he’s completely settled into his new classroom and doing well over there. We’re currently trying to figure out how to get him to eat more vegetables. It’s not that he doesn’t currently- he loves spinach and peas and has even tasted some broccoli recently (covered in melted cheese). I guess I’m just scared that we’re limiting his diet because we’re not very creative. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Other than that our little man is doing well. He’s missing his grandparents after their 2 week visit but he’s been in good spirits and we’re happy when he’s happy.

Ben update: Bean is in for a shocker pretty soon. The crib mattress arrived today and the crib itself should be here tomorrow or the next day. Then it’s time for some sleep training. I think we’re the ones who are really in for it. He actually will sleep through the night right now without needing to eat. The only problem is that 95% of that time is spent on Kelly’s chest and stomach. Not exactly the best night’s rest for a soon-to-be returning to work mother of two. We’ll see how it all goes but I imagine Mr. Ben will not appreciate our efforts to reclaim our bed.

When Mason first learned how to run he used to love sprinting back and forth between Kelly and me. He quickly realized that he could run full speed into us and we’d catch him. He still likes playing this game but I do think he’s slightly bummed that he can’t tackle Ben like he does mom and dad.

My folks got Mason a Harley Davidson motorized tricycle when they came down in November and they took this video of him test driving it. He hasn’t quite got the hang of pressing the pedal and steering at the same time yet, but once he does I think the dogs are in for some long days in the back yard. And yes, I said November and my folks are wearing shorts. Now you know why we live in Austin.

When Danielle was in town for Christmas she spent a morning at Mason’s school making cookies and playing with him on the playground. I always knew he liked to play a little rough but I wasn’t aware that he was the hit and run type. I definitely don’t have any worries about his ability to hang with the older kids in his new classroom, although I am now concerned about their safety.

Mason’s first haircut was much less traumatic than I was expecting, both for him and for Kelly. There were no tears on either side. I was actually shocked by Mason’s good behavior. Not that he is incapable of it, just that this was something totally new and he just sat there calmly and played with his comb. Round two was a little more challenging for me but he’s gotten the hang of it now. Grandma cut his hair again (this time with real barber scissors) when she was in town recently and he did great. Thanks for helping our son look like a little boy, Mom!

A few days after bringing Ben home I caught a smile on camera. For those of you versed in newborn bodily functions you know this means it was because he was farting. Apparently newborns aren’t able to smile on their own but they make a smiling face when they “release”. Personally, I don’t care. It probably felt good and he smiled because of that. Fine by me… it’s still cute.

Swinging at the park.

Sliding at the same park.

This one has absolutely nothing to do with our family but it’s just funny. In the winter of 2009 I watched the state championship football games for division 5A in Texas. It was Westlake vs. Trinity and it was an amazing game (with a missed call that cost Westlake the game). Anyway- as I was watching the game they went to a commercial break and showed a shot of the band. I noticed something was odd about one of the kids and once I figured out what it was I had to rewind it so I could laugh several times. I think if I were this kid and I realized that I had forgotten my instrument I would have faked being sick or something. I mean, playing the air guitar in your room to Freebird is one thing. But playing the air trombone on national TV is totally different.


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